Matthew Rudy Jacobs

Developer and wannabe-CTO

About Me

My name is Matthew Rudy Jacobs.

我的中文名字是《馬泰》 (別叫我《馬修》)

I’m a british software developer and consultant currently living in Taipei.

I studied Mathematics at Clare College, Cambridge, and in 2006 started working with Ruby and Rails.

In 2010 I moved to Hong Kong, and founded the Hong Kong developer group Codeaholics.

In 2014 I organised the first Hong Kong Code Conf.


  • Rapid development: Ruby + Rails
  • Front End: Javascript + Ember.js
  • Deployment: AWS + Heroku + Docker
  • Databases: Postgres + Redis
  • Search: ElasticSearch
  • Scaling: Golang + Cassandra + Riak


  • Working with great people

    In life we are always learning. And building great software is a constant journey of new experiences, tools, and approaches.

    My working life is only as good as the people I work with.

    Great teams build great software, and I want to be part of these great teams.

  • Building valued products

    Building great software is only 10% about the code.

    The design, the interaction, the business proposition is actually what makes a great product.

    So let’s stop building great software that no one uses.

    Let’s build products that help people.

    And, yes, making new ways to procrastinate is a valid way to help people.

  • Empowering developers

    In Silicon Valley and Western Europe this isn’t so much of a problem.

    But in Asia developers are frequently treated as commodities.

    Let’s change that, and let’s start today.